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Laboratory tests

Carried out in the laboratory are the control, certification and arbitration tests of different types of products used in the petrochemical branch of industry. Tests are performed as per techniques of GOST, ASTM, ISO, EH, IP, PoM. .

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Limited Liability Company “North-Western Expertise Center” (NWEC Ltd.) was established and registered on January 16, 2007 due to being in demand on the market of rendering services on independent evaluation of quality and quantity of petroleum products. During the period of its existence the company has achieved significant success in carrying-out laboratory research, as well as rendering the surveyor services.  The laboratory providing for complete monitoring of quality of crude oil and petroleum products, equipped based on the latest market demands and operating round-the-clock was created. In addition to the central office and laboratory in the city our company has the equipped field office and express-laboratory on the territory of Saint-Petersburg port, as well as mobile departments in localities: Priozersk, Lodeinoye Pole, Kingisepp, Luga, Slantsy, where the surveyors are operating round-the-clock which gives additional possibility to carry out works on our clients’ requests expeditiously.

The employees of “North-Western Expertise Center” (NWEC Ltd.) are a team of qualified specialists with long-standing experience in the sphere of surveyor operations aimed at determining the quantity and quality of crude oil and petroleum products. This allows performing any individual requests of a client, notwithstanding their complexity.

Today “North-Western Expertise Center” (NWEC Ltd.) renders the full range of surveyor services in the domestic market. The main areas of activities arelaboratory tests, determination of petroleum products quantity and carrying out of inspections to determine their worthiness.