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Laboratory tests

Carried out in the laboratory are the control, certification and arbitration tests of different types of products used in the petrochemical branch of industry. Tests are performed as per techniques of GOST, ASTM, ISO, EH, IP, PoM. .

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 The petroleum products testing laboratory of the Expertise Center performs the control, comprehensive (within the scope of GOST, TU, ISO requirements), certification and arbitration tests of crude oil and petroleum products: automobile gasoline, diesel fuels, furnace oils, gas condensates, petroleum solvents, straight-run gasoline, oils of various applications, crude and commercial oil, residual oil, marine fuels, additives and admixes to engine fuels and oils. Tests are performed as per techniques of GOST, ASTM, ISO, EN.

The laboratory of “North-Western Expertise Center” LLC is accredited for technical competence and independence by the Federal Technical Control and Metrology Agency of Russia, is granted a right to carry out tests as per the Technical Regulations indexes and is acknowledged by the Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping.

The laboratory of “North-Western Expertise Center” LLC occupies the area of 240 m2, is equipped with the state-of-the-art testing equipment from the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of laboratory equipment, including the spectral, atomic absorption, gas and liquid chromatographic complexes able to determine the hydrocarbon, oxygen-containing admixes and metal-containing additives used in production of automobile gasoline, as well as presence of mass concentrations of lead, aluminum, silicon, calcium, vanadium, etc. in fuels and lubricating materials. If necessary, use can be made of a chromato-mass-spectrometer during the research aimed at determination of hydrocarbon composition of petroleum product.

Tests on determination of residual fuel-oil straight distillation ability, including vacuum distillation, are carried out. The methods of automobile gasoline and Euro diesel fuel as per EN standards are mastered.

Constant development of the material and technical base and expansion of the laboratory accreditation sphere is ensured by close and mutually beneficial cooperation with the leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment – Laboratory Equipment & Instruments CJSC, Spectron NPO, NPF SKB Chromatech CJSC, Metrohm, Anton Paar, Stanope-Seta, Tanaka, Varian and others.

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The laboratory staff is completed with the specialists having experience in the State Institute of Applied Chemistry, Petroleum-Analyts CJSC, Shaumyan Factory, PTK CJSC, Saint-Petersburg Technological Institute (Technical University), cooperation with VNII NP, 25 GosNII MO. Close communication with the students and teaching staff of the Saint-Petersburg Technological Institute, Tyumen Institute of Petroleum and Gas, Academy of Engineering Sciences, and constant search for new, advanced decisions in the sphere of petroleum products tests allow carrying-out the tests in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality.

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On the basis of the contracts concluded the laboratory renders services onpetroleum products tests (including the certification tests and research work aimed at creation of Specification for the refined product) according to the accreditation scope.

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